immediate needs

In order to get the COUGAR in a flight-ready situation, here's a list of things yet to be completed. Since this is mostly academic efforts, consider Volunteering your time and or services to get this bird airborne.

  • Certified Flight Test Pilot
  • Ground & Flight Testing
  • Paint & Interior
  • Fiberglass Modifications/Repairs
  • Avionics/Electronics Inspection and/or Repairs
  • Engine Inspection

Quick Specs

  • Target Altitude: 60 000 ft
  • Engine: Continental GTSIO 520
  • Two-Stage Turbocharger System
  • 6 Bladed Propeller
  • Single Pilot
  • Fixed Landing Gear
  • 70 ft Wingspan
  • 4.21 ft Chord
  • ~2900 lb T.O. Weight
  • 16.4 Aspect Ratio

THE BA-14 "Cougar"

UPDATE (2/20/2017): We have received a Special Airworthiness Certificate (Experimental Exhibition) from the FAA and have invited Terry Tomeny of TomenyAero Inc. to develop a flight test program. Terry has visited us in Norman and is excited to get the COUGAR airborne and conduct a thorough and safe set of flight tests.

A cooperative project between Bergey Aerospace Co., Inc., The University of Oklahoma School of Aerospace Engineering and Piper Aircraft, the COUGAR represented an effort to design Piper's next high-speed retractable-gear, four-place cruiser that could cruise at more than 200 mph while maintaining a relatively modest cost for both acquisition and operation. The COUGAR is dedicated to enabling Oklahoma students and volunteers to engineer aircraft systems and develop flight test programs.

Its design is based on using a number of component parts from a Piper Arrow, PA-28R. It is powered by a Lycoming IO-540-KIG5 engine rated at 300 hp at 2700 rpm and swinging a three-blade Hartzell propeller. It’s design features, include double doors, fore and aft baggage compartments, tip tanks to provide an IFR range of 910 miles, and a tuned and ducted exhaust system that improves exhaust scavenging, engine cooling, and does not require a muffler for noise control.


Quick Specs

  • Wing Span: 32.2 ft
  • Length: 25.6 ft
  • Wing Area: 171 ft2
  • Aspect Ratio: 6.06
  • Empty Weight: 1812 lbs
  • T.O. Weight: 3100 lbs
  • Wing Loading: 18.13 lbs/ft2
  • Span Loading: 96.3 lbs/ft
  • Service Ceiling: 22,000 ft
  • Fuel Capacity: 85 gal
  • Range: 1000 st. mi

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The Future of THE COUGAR

  • Showpiece for the University of Oklahoma & the State of Oklahoma
  • OU Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering Research Platform
  • Training/Teaching Tool for OU AME and/or OU Aviation

High Altitude Research Plane

A cooperative project between Bergey Aerospace Co., Inc. and The University of Oklahoma School of Aerospace Engineering and Department of Aviation has been established to design, fabricate and fly a High Altitude Research Plane (HARP). Although the aircraft is expected to perform a variety of research roles, the initial purpose is to replace two existing altitude records for propeller-driven aircraft. One is the United States record of 43,699 ft, the other the international altitude record of 56,046 ft.  The former was set in 1967 with a turbocharged Cessna 210, the latter in 1938 with a Caproni biplane powered by a supercharged Piaggio radial engine. Numerous attempts have been made to retire the international record with modified versions of existing aircraft.  None have been successful.

The HARP aircraft is being designed to reach an altitude of 60,000 ft, well above the two existing records as required by both the National Aeronautic Association (US) and the Federation Aeronautique Internationale (Worldwide). It is powered by a Continental GTSIO-520 engine equipped with an eight foot multi-blade propeller. The high-altitude engine output is boosted by a three-stage intercooled turbo-supercharger system.

The HARP project has been a part of the OU Senior Aerospace Engineering classes for the past two terms, during which the feasibility was established and the preliminary design completed. Detail design is now in progress and OU fabrication space has been obtained on Max Westheimer Field, the Norman Municipal Airport. A Continental engine has been procured, along with initial components for airframe mock-up and fabrication, using parts from a Piper PA-28 140.

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